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Well, the past month or so has been eventful and then again it hasn’t been as eventful as we were hoping.  We started our own small business January 20, 2012 and it’s called TLBFlow LLC.  We have a website and you should check it out. It’s  The business provides personal training, tutoring in the exercise science area, and information about health and fitness.  Tyler has been busy working on his ebook about health and fitness the past couple of months and has finally finished it.  I think we decided to put it up on our website as a free resource to help bring attention to our services and later articles and books by Tyler.  Since starting the business and finishing up all of the little things to set up, we have been trying to get clients.  I think I might almost have one client but she is still looking at our services and trying to decide. Other than that we have started visiting physical therapy offices to try to get some of the patients who might run out of insurance money but still need exercise to get back to activities of daily life.  We took a very in depth class on special populations and post rehabilitation clients so I think we would be great at this.  It has been fun, and we have had some seemingly promising physical therapy offices that hopefully will recommend us to their clients.  We also have been putting in a lot of time researching and putting up various articles on our web page to try to attract attention.  We are still learning about marketing and business skills, but I think step by step we will get there.  The funny thing was, I had applied about a couple of months ago to Life Time Athletic Club, which is a really nice facility with really high standards and I didn’t hear from them for a long time, so that is when Tyler and I decided to go for it and start out own small business.  Well, then last week I heard back from them asking if I would like to set up an interview.  I talked it over with Tyler and decided since we had put so much effort into the business so far that I would stick to the current path.  I politely declined, even though I would have taken it earlier if they would have gotten back to me, but then they were nice enough to leave it on the table if I changed my mind.  That is kind of like a nice security blanket right now.

We had a really nice Valentine’s Day.  I think this is the first one that we celebrated together because last year we were too beat from moving.  We bought some fresh fish and vegetables and cooked them together. That’s kind of our way of celebrating, just spending some time together.  Then we exchanged our gifts we made for each other. Tyler wrote me the most beautiful poem I have ever read.  I cried, of course.  Then I painted a design on the outside of a leather canteen that I bought him a couple years ago as a joke.  I also made him an “Adventure Book” which tells our story and all the adventures we have had together.  It was really fun.  The day after Valentine’s Day marked our first year of living in Boca Raton, Florida.  It’s crazy to think that it has been a year.  I feel like it went by fast but also I feel like we have lived here longer than that.  It’s growing on me though.  It’s so weird that it’s still so hot here.  I think it was 85 degrees today.  It’s like we’re in a time warp where nothing ever changes.  The weather is the same pretty much every day and the people never grow old because there is so much plastic surgery.  Ha, I wish I was kidding, but it’s true.

Other than that, Life is pretty normal around here.  I have gotten out to paint some water color, trying to remember all of the things my dad taught me when he was here and have been batiking a lot.  I had a couple of shirts that turned out really cool.  Tyler has been writing, a lot.  He is pretty much the brains and the backbone in this whole operation.  I could not be more proud of him.  But that is what I meant by there is a lot going on here, but not a whole lot at the same time.  It seems like to us that there is a lot but there isn’t much to put down on paper.   I guess it’s just called growing up.  I could tell you about all the insurance shopping and cell phone plan shopping and blah blah blah but that is just boring.  I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life.


Well, we are finally finished with classes! December was definitely a different December. It was weird being here in the winter and it still being 80 degrees. I think the lowest it has gotten in the day has been 60. It’s really nice but just strange at the same time. I didn’t realize how many of the traditional things in my life are associated with weather changes. I really do miss them, which I didn’t really expect to. It was nice though.

Christmas was really nice. Boca Raton really decorates for Christmas. I guess they have to do something with all of their money right? Ha, I’m just kidding. It was really pretty and it was nice to be able to enjoy walking through all of them without freezing to death. But of course the year we aren’t in Missouri it happens to be really warm there too! After classes, we spent the week batiking. Batiking is where you paint a design on a piece of cloth with wax, then you dye the cloth and when you take the wax out it leaves the design you painted. I’ve always wanted to try and I thought they were really fun. Then my parents came (Steve and Cindi) down here for Christmas and we traveled down to Key Largo. It was a nice relaxing vacation. Tyler and I went kayaking a few times and my parents were able to enjoy days at the beach. On Christmas day, we took a glass bottom boat tour. It was fun. The tour made my mom and me sick though and we were kind of groggy the rest of the day. I was also able to paint water color with my dad at the beach. He was amazing. We both did well though. It was definitely fun to paint and learn to water color with my pops. For the last few nights, we stayed in Miami at a 50’s decorated hotel. It was quite interesting, but really nice too. It was right next to the beach and we just relaxed.

Then, we celebrated our one year anniversary! It is so weird to think it has been a year since we got married. In some ways it seems like we have been married a lot longer and in other ways it still seems like it was yesterday. It was definitely a great year. We have both learned a lot and have enjoyed every bit of it. It is also just really cool to think back on the first year and all of the things that happened. We had a nice quiet time at home after the time traveling. It was really nice to enjoy just spending time together and not taking those moments together for granted.

After that, we celebrated Tyler’s birthday. He is 24 now, which means I’ll be 24 soon. I don’t feel 24 and I know Tyler doesn’t either. At least he doesn’t act like it, you know what I’m talking about if you saw the happy birthday video for Austin, Kyla, and Mom (Janet). Since then, Tyler has been busy applying to Wheaton College, which is near Chicago. So, that might be the next chapter of our lives. Tyler is going for his Bachelor’s in Applied Health Science. I’m really excited for him and am praying really hard that he gets accepted. It just seems like such a great place to learn and grow and build community. I’ll be trying to get a personal training job there. I’m applying to LifeTime Fitness here and am hoping to get at least an internship so when we move I can work at a LifeTime up near Wheaton. Tyler has also been working on writing a simplified book about the concepts of total health that includes exercise and nutrition. He has also submitted the papers for our first business together, TLB Flow. We’ll be using it for all of Tyler’s writings and then for whenever we start our own personal training studio.  While Tyler’s been writing, I have been taking care of a friend from Fitness Institute who just had major surgery. I had to stay there 24/7  for 4 days and then have stayed there all afternoon for the past few days. It was really hard being away from Tyler for such a long period of time, but it did give him a lot of time to write! It is also a lot of work taking care of someone who cannot do anything for themselves. But she is doing great and is fun to hang out with. It has also been a small job for me and has given me an opportunity to make some money.

Well, I think that is about it for our lives in the past month and a half. We hope everyone is doing well and had a great time over the holidays!

Well, I don’t think we have updated since July, but thankfully there isn’t an almanac of things to write to catch everyone up 🙂 So, get your reading glasses and settle in.

In August we had Curtis Brown over because he had a quick business trip down in Fort Lauderdale and was able to hang out with us a few days. We ended up hanging out at his hotel one day and eating at an Irish restaurant. Then another day we went to Oleta Park to go biking. We thought it was just going to be easy going biking, but instead it was a crazy adventure of mountain biking. We left there with sore bums, a broken chain and a flat tire. Needless to say. I don’t think we will try that for a while, but it was fun to try.

Then, we finished up Fitness Testing with a brutal practical and a 3 hour written test and Functional Training with a 10 minute practical and another 3 hour test. In September we ended up being co-valedictorians, the first ever in the history of Fitness Institute and married to boot. At the ceremony we were able to give a speech and then there was a dance party afterward. It was probably the most fun  graduation I have been through so far. During our break, we studied some more for the National Strength and Conditioning Association exam. Fun break huh?

Fortunately, the studying paid off.  The NSCA exam is an internationally-known certification, and it is the certification Exercise Science degree programs prepare their students for.  (   Tyler scored in the top 1%, but Lisa scored the third highest score of all-time.  The NSCA-CPT has over 20,000 certification holders, but the exam only has a 54.9% pass-rate.  So, Lisa scored third out of around 40,000 test-takers.  Not bad.  🙂

After break, we started out last term of classes with Nutrition and Special Populations. Nutrition is fascinating and awesome. Special Populations is fun, but it’s a lot to remember. In that class we are learning about the effects of medication and then all the diseases, like heart disease, Parkinson’s and so on… It’s very interesting and makes you thankful for being healthy.

On the side, we took a Latin dancing class at a local high school that offers classes every term. It was a lot of fun and a good time just to get away with Tyler and do something that we have never done before. The people were really fun too. I would have to say that most of the people were over 60, so we were the youngest by far, but they were really nice and fun to dance with as well. I think all the little old ladies liked to dance with Tyler 🙂 He is a pretty good dancer and handsome too… We’ll hopefully take another one sometime and be able to go dancing sometime. We also like to go to the beach and take walks. There are tons of surfers and things to amuse us at the beach. The weather is getting cooler and the air a little dryer, so it’s nice to be able to go outside without feeling like I need to change my sweaty clothes and take another shower before I sit down.

We had a nice Thanksgiving as well. It was fun to cook together and think about all the things we are thankful for. We miss all of our friends and family for sure though. We hope everyone was able to relax and actually celebrate what Thanksgiving is for: Just taking the time away from chaos and realizing all of the stuff and people we are blessed with. Something we should all do a little more often.

After classes we are planning on starting our own personal training business so we can be our own bosses pretty much. Tell ourselves what hours to work and what to charge. It should be another adventure to document. I think it will be pretty good. We’ve already had a couple of people ask us when we’ll start training people and we have been building friendships at the gym.

All in all, life is pretty good. We’re both ready to start personal training and take the next step. We’re also just learning to trust God to provide. As we look back, there hasn’t been a time where he hasn’t provided so I think we’re pretty safe in his hands. Thanks for all your prayers and keep praying for us. We miss all of our friends and family in Missouri and all through out the US. Thanks for loving us and we love you too 🙂

And some videos!

July has been a busy month and even though everything was fun, we are happy to be back home back into our routine lives. We finished our first term of classes at the Fitness Institute and both of us finished with A’s straight across. After classes ended, we flew back to Missouri so we could have our wedding reception. We decided to have our reception when the weather was warmer and even though our wedding was family only, we still wanted to be able to celebrate with our friends and relatives. The reception was great, everything was perfect. It was really great seeing everyone who came out and be able to catch up a little bit. Then, we did a lot of traveling across Missouri, going between KC, Camdenton and Springfield. It was a memorable trip, driving through heat advisories in a van with no air conditioning. Ha. Tyler was in a wedding for a good friend of his; it was beautiful and very unique. Other than that we just caught up with friends and hung out with family.

We were in Missouri for a couple of weeks and then flew back to Florida to unwind before classes started. During the week before classes, my parents (Steve and Cindi Warren) came to visit our humble abode here in Florida. It was a good week of hanging out in Boca Raton and doing the simple things we do here. It was nice to be able to show my parents where we live. I felt bad though, because we don’t use our air conditioning in the home, but were planning on using it when my parents came. Well, it turns out it doesn’t even work. So the whole week my parents were here there was no air conditioning in 90+ degree weather, but they were troopers and did not complain at all and talked about how it reminded them of when they grew up without AC. They even turned down the AC when they got home because it felt too cold (we’re just trying to help you save on your bills. Ha).

Now we are back to our normal; hanging out, studying, going to the beach, and attending classes. We are starting our third week of classes and love it. We are taking Fitness Testing and Functional training. Fitness Testing is where we are learning how to test an individual before we take them on as a client and start creating a plan for them. We are learning how to take blood pressure, heart rate, VO2 max, body fat and other tests. Functional training is about taking a more functional approach to weight lifting and training, hence the name. Machines work the body in one plane of movement and those movements are rarely used in everyday life. Functional training trains in multiple planes and mimics more of everyday movements to help your muscles work together better and more efficiently to make everyday activities easier. Every Tuesday we have lectures in this class and then on Thursday we have workshops where they go through the exercises and programs.

I think that is about it for us here. Things are going great, and no, it’s not as hot here as it is there 🙂 We have a nice ocean breeze and it really doesn’t feel that bad. Thanks for reading and thinking about us.

People enjoying the weather and some food at the reception

Grammy and Papa signing our guest book!

Tyler and David

Dad taking pictures of the sunrise. Yes, he did get up at 6AM to take pictures at the beach 🙂

Mom and Dad enjoying the sunrise

This is a picture of us at Alex Merrell's wedding

Me and my first ride on my new bike. So happy.

“God made the world for the delight of human beings– if we could see His goodness everywhere, His concern for us, His awareness of our needs: the phone call we’ve waited for, the ride we are offered, the letter in the mail, just the little things He does for us throughout the day. As we remember and notice His love for us, we just begin to fall in love with Him because He is so busy with us — you just can’t resist Him. I believe there’s no such thing as luck in life, it’s God’s love, it’s His.”

— Mother Teresa





I hope you all are enjoying the sunrise pictures and not getting tired of them. I just like to share a little bit of my morning adventures with you and how God shows me His mercies are new every morning.

Beautiful pictures of the sunrise on the east coast in Boca Raton, FL taken by the beautiful Lisa Brown

Well, we’ve been trying to get around to writing this for quite a while.  However, with finals coming up this week, we’ve been very focused on that.

So, this is a quick break from finals studying for us.  🙂  We have three finals this week.  A practical for Strength and Conditioning where we’ll be quizzed on how to properly use any machine in the gym or how to properly perform any exercise with barbells, dumbbells, bands, etc.  That’s the part we’re the most anxious about because the subject matter is so vast.  Also, studying for that class is what inspired the “Muscular Elaborations” on the Youtube videos we posted.  Ha.  After the practical, we have a written exam for Strength and Conditioning that covers Anatomy & Physiology, Biomechanics, Types of Exercise Equipment, Types of Exercise, and Exercise Prescription.  All this is topped off by a written exam for our other class “Exercise Science Foundations”.  Foundations is a very broad, generic study of nutrition, exercise, and biology.  The depth of the subject matter isn’t too distressing.  It’s simply the fact that it’s like a Biology class, an Intro to Nutrition class, and a lower-level Exercise Science class put together.  It’s a lot of material!

Regardless, we were very thankful to sell our house in Springfield!  Given the fact that we weren’t living in it and our primary interaction with it was paying the utilities for a house over a thousand miles away, it was a relief to get rid of it.  Selling it was a little crazy, though.  Allow us to elaborate:

We had the house up for sale for a couple months with no offers, so we decided to get it staged.  Which was cool and all.  Richie Lee did a fantastic job (and we highly recommend him if you live in the Springfield area).  Staging the house along with our realtor Holly Jones’ excellent work (whom we also highly recommend) got us an offer on the house.  We were about to get a second offer on the house when our first offer heard that there was about to be a second offer.  They didn’t want to get into a bidding war, so they gave us an ultimatum time immediately before the other party was about to see the house.  This didn’t seem like the most courteous way to go about things, but they had submitted a strong offer to us.  We decided to go ahead and take the current strong offer rather than roll the dice on the secondary party.

Then, we had a series of addendums and counter-offers due to adding Lisa’s name to the title, fixing minor repairs, a small decrease in house price, adding an armoire for the room to count as a bedroom, and we had to fix the God-forsaken hot water heater that the first plumber couldn’t figure out.  So, it was lots of fun complete with giggles, lollipops, and sunshine….  However, it’s over.  That certainly makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Also, we had to put Mom, Dad, Austin, Kyla, Kelsey, and Steven through the process of getting miscellaneous stuff out of the house prior to the closing date.  Sorry, guys.  But thanks for being such troopers about it!

Anyway, we decided to have some Arctic Zero once the house was sold.  It’s our health-freak way of celebrating with “Ice Cream”.  It’s really more like sweetened ice and protein powder, but our taste buds are so out of touch with what real ice cream tastes like, we couldn’t care less.Arctic Zero…. A health-freak’s “ice cream”

Also, we’ve been staying very dedicated to our workouts.  Since we’re going to be personal trainers/health professionals, we figured we may as well walk the walk instead of being like certain personal trainers who look like they’ve had a few too many twinkies themselves.  And, we wanted to show just how intense we are.

Feel the intensity!

Also, a few videos of us from the gym.  We started with Lisa’s chin-ups since only one girl in our classes could do chin-ups.  That girl is fifty, and she’s a genetic freak.  She’s also super nice, but she seems to have since dropped the class.  We haven’t seen her for a few weeks at least.  Anyway, Lisa became the only other girl to be able to do a chin-up in our class and now she’s the only one.  Pretty sweet, eh?

And then, Lisa decided to video a one-arm push up that Tyler has been working on.

On another note, Tyler was recently unofficially titled, “The Best Pot Scrubber in the World” by our group at Boca Helping Hands.  Yeah, be jealous.

Here’s the pro in action:

Recently, Lisa has been taking up early morning runs.  Tyler sleeps.  Ha.  Anyway, here are a few pictures chronicling Lisa’s early-morning excursions.

Somehow, somewhere, sometime, we took a picture of a random giant tree.  It’s pretty cool.

And finally, who could write an update on their month of June without a few pictures of a rainbow?  Because everybody likes rainbows.  Especially Noah.

A close-up of the rainbow

Well, first off, happy mother’s day! We love both of our moms and are very thankful for Janet and Cindi. Thanks, Moms. It’s a little weird to think about having two Moms now. After getting used to just having one for twenty-two years, it’s pretty cool to get a second one.

I guess that brings up a short tangent on “family”. It’s amazing how inclusive Jesus is when He says in Matthew 12:46-50, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers? …. Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother”. This is something we’ve discussed a lot recently.

We’ve wondered at how our lives would look if we really believed that both of our moms are equal now. Surely, biology means that only one is truly our mother in that sense. However, Jesus says that all of humanity is united in brotherhood, sisterhood, and motherhood. So, in the same way that we have biological mothers, we have all of our other biological connections (aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, etc.). However, the story doesn’t end there. We are united in brotherhood with all men. Jesus broke down the walls between the Jews and Gentiles, and He wants it to continue even farther than that…. to brotherhood with the CEO, street drunk, and classmate.

Anyway, we’ve continued to serve at Boca Helping Hands with a pretty awesome group of people. Our head chef is named David. He’s Jewish, wears glasses, and makes lots of sarcastic remarks with a smile on his face. He’s great! If we ever ask him whether or not we can try out some sort of cooking idea he says, “I tell you what, today you get to do whatever you want!”. He says that to everyone every day. Ha ha. The other people that serve there are all wonderful as well. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying our time there.

Lisa has found a Salvation Army right up the street from us and volunteers there once a week for a couple of hours tutoring and hanging out with kids until their parents pick them up. She just started and has enjoyed it so far. This has also given Tyler time to write and research more about his passions, whether that is fitness and health or spiritual matters. So, this works out for the both of us. It keeps Lisa occupied when she gets too antsy and then Tyler gets time alone to think and write. 🙂

Also, we’re pretty confident that we’ve found a church home here. Hammock Street Church is filled with people who know what it means to love others.

Tyler met a man named Doug in the restroom (great bonding time, you know). After getting to know each other over some fantastic time of communal urination, Doug invited us to come spend Easter with his family since we don’t have any relatives in South Florida.

So, we went and were immediately accepted as members of their family. We really enjoyed that day of getting to know them all, and them getting to know us. They didn’t have any requirements of us. They simply invited us to come into their home and share time with them. It definitely reminded us of what the church is supposed to be. Open, inviting, unconditional.

Classes have been wonderful! They’ve been extremely broad and have required a lot of study time outside of the classroom, but we’ve both been enjoying God’s creativity in the human body. It’s really astounding how God put us together. We’re realizing in an even deeper sense just how intelligent He is…. even just on a cellular level (not to mention Chemical, Tissue, Organ, and System levels as well).

Although everything has been fantastic, we’ve had a couple lower days where one of us is just moody. Whether that’s because of feeling behind in classes, missing family, acclimating to this culture, realizing man’s depravity, or the complications of selling a house (offers, counter-offers, etc.).

Fortunately, we’ve both been given opportunities to show God’s grace to one another. We’re realizing that although we have different ideas on how certain things should be, we can still love and accept each other. It’s been beautiful for us to have the opportunity to show the love of the Father to each other, and it’s so freeing! It’s funny how the world teaches us that when someone wrongs you, you should demand repayment. You should make them grovel and come before you in torn rags, face in agony, and with dust on your head. Then, and only then, will you even consider forgiving them.

Thank God for Jesus’ system! Thank God for the parable of the prodigal son where the Father runs to His son and kisses him, and throws a party for him although His son deserves to be enslaved for the rest of his life. There are no conditions, no prerequisites. The Father simply loves…. and that’s what we are trying to do. It’s definitely not easy because it’s against our human nature. However, we’re coming to understand love more and more through forgiving each other without conditions. There is no demand for an explanation. There is simply forgiveness.

John 8:10-11, ‘“Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” “No one, sir” she said. “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin”’

So, I guess one could say that we’re both maturing a lot. We’re being forced to delve into love deeper and deeper by being so open and vulnerable. We can no longer run off to our room and hide when we’re angry or hurt. There’s just no space to do so in our spacious 660 square feet of pure, sunshine-filled bliss. 🙂

A few pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Enjoying the Beach.

Grammy chillin’ like a villain when she and Papa came to visit.  🙂  Forgive us for the candid shot, Grammy!

The red moon we witnessed when Tyler’s family came into town…. Sorry that this is the only picture we took when you all came to visit!

A particularly menacing looking jellyfish….

Our Boca Helping Hands garb.  It’s hats or hairnets.  We chose thrift store hats.  🙂

Lisa’s hand-made purse for her friend Lindsey!

(From 03/05/2011)

Today, Lisa and I hit up Helping Hands of Boca Raton. Lisa’s super into soup kitchens/community service type of stuff. I’m moderately into it. It’s almost hilarious sometimes how excited she is to participate in those things. Like today, after we left the orientation session, I could tell her mind was racing about Helping Hands. My observation was further reinforced as I walked to the passenger door of our car to open it for her (as is my custom). She totally forgot about the passenger door and walked to the driver’s door. I asked her if she wanted to drive this time, and she laughed and told me that she had just totally forgotten to go to the typical passenger door. 🙂 It’s great to see her so excited, though.

Anyway, that makes me think about how I view the poor…. Well, how I view anybody. For a long time, I’ve treated my relationships with an economic viewpoint. I value people. I invest in people. That relationship is bankrupt. All economic terms.

I read Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz today. Chapter 18 “love”. It’s all about loving others. He exposed this economical thinking of mine to me. I am kind to those who are able to give me things. To those who can’t give me things, I typically just tolerate. Then, there’s that classification of a few people who I sincerely don’t enjoy being around. They’re either distasteful, stupid, or overly selfish. I typically avoid them.

But thinking about Don’s commentary reminds me of how the Bible says that what you have done unto the least of these, you have done unto Christ. If you give the thirsty a cup of water, you are giving Christ a cup of water. Consequently, everyone = Christ. The image of God is in all men, and they deserve our love and acceptance. I should be happy to encounter everyone that I encounter, and none of them should feel judged or unwanted by me.

Look at Jesus. He hung around with drunkards and tax collectors. So much so that the Pharisees tried to use this against Him. I say this just to show that Jesus openly kept company with “sinners”. The ones that the religious community had pushed aside as beyond redemption, distasteful, stupid, and overly selfish. These are the ones that Jesus came to. He came to heal the sick, the neglected, the unwanted. He came to show them that He wanted them. He loves them. They are not forgotten.

So why is that so hard for me? I get this posh feeling of superiority over other people because I’m more knowledgeable than them, have more money than they do, or because I feel that their worldviews are archaic. Maybe it’s true. Maybe I quantifiably do have more knowledge or money. Why does that make me superior to them? It wasn’t of my own volition that I was given a strong education. My money came from hard work and some big risks, but I didn’t create the opportunity. I was given all these things. So here I am, some belligerent, big-headed kid gloating that what I’ve been given is better than what they’ve been given. My remote control car is bigger than theirs. I’m better…. although I did nothing to earn my remote control car.

All I’m saying is that if we would have been born in different places, I would be the one with less, and they would be the one with more. The argument of nature vs. nurture is moot in this regard because if I would have been born in their place, both my nature would be theirs and how I was nurtured would be how they were nurtured. So, we would in a very close to perfect correlation have both turned out how the other currently is. This is all hypothetical of course.

I feel as though this realization that we all could have just as easily been born as a Muslim in Egypt helps abolish this feeling of self-absorption. The Egyptian no longer remains a “them”. An enemy. The Egyptian becomes your brother, a potential “you”, and a definite “us”. We don’t have to be enemies any longer. We are truly brothers, and “they” are truly Jesus.

Well, it has been a long time since we have posted about anything going on in out lives and there is much to report on, so sorry this might be a long one. We’ll start with our trip back to Missouri. We left Boca Raton January 31st on an adventure back to Missouri so we could visit family and gather all of our things from Kansas City, Camdenton, Springfield, and Bolivar. There was supposed to be a huge blizzard right when we were flying in, but by the grace of God, the blizzard came the day after we landed in Kansas City and we were already safe with Tyler’s family. We were then snowed in in Kansas City for a week and then the snow let up for just a little while so we could make it to Camdenton. When we got to Camdenton, it decided to snow again, which made getting to Springfield a little tricky. We made it to Springfield where we got our U-Haul along with a trailer to tow our car across the country.

Finally, after gathering all of our things, we started on the 22 hour journey across the country and back to Florida. Tyler drove the entire way, which was insane driving through every thing with a large U-Haul and a trailer attached. He did a  fantastic job. We arrived in Boca Raton safely and spent two days in a hotel while we were waiting for the day to close on the Condo we were purchasing. Our plan was to close on the condo in the morning and then have all day to unpack the U-Haul because here they have rules on when you can unpack. Well, we got there and found out our closing was in the afternoon and we would probably only have an hour to unpack our U-Haul after that. We closed on the home and then eagerly started unpacking, which we did all by ourselves except for one poor guy who offered to help with the couch and then after he offered he found out we were on the 3rd floor. I hope we see him again soon and are able to get him something out of appreciation. We were on a roll, so we ditched the rules and unpacked for 3.5 hours. After that we were completely worn out and treated ourselves to a night out.

Since then we have just been making the condo into a home. It is a beautiful area right downtown. There was a little to get used to at first, like the train that we live two blocks from, but other than that things are great. We love taking walks around town and down to the beach. We are enjoying time together and reading through the Bible together as well. It is nice to be blessed and ease into all of these new things and adventures. We just enrolled for classes at the Fitness Institute and our first term starts April 11. We are both going through the whole program. This first term we will be taking 3 classes: Exercise Science Foundations, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Special Populations/ Post-Rehabilitation. It will be pretty intense, but very fun at the same time. We are both really excited.

It has been really cool to see God’s hand at work in this whole journey together. We were blessed to audit the classes and find out that they are really good and everything Tyler has been looking for and we got accepted into the school. While we were here in January, we were able to find a home and get all of the paper work for the home owners association finished, which seemed like a million hoops to jump through and we were able to meet with the president the day before we closed on the condo, which is required to purchase the home. Then, God pushed back the blizzard in Missouri until we were safe in Kansas City and we were able to get to every other city in order to get our things. The trip to Florida was great and nothing went wrong, which was a relief because we decided not to get insurance on the U-Haul and the trip didn’t really seem too long. Everything has just worked out great and I know it is only because of the grace of God.

A day at the beach, taking on the jellies.

The drastic difference between Florida and Missouri in the middle of winter. Winter seems to have taken on a new meaning here in Florida 🙂

The beginnings of our journey across eight states.

Crossing Florida state border.

Our home filled with boxes and the joy we have had unpacking them.

Our home almost all put together 🙂

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